Experiments Lab is a local-based industrial design project that was started in 2009 by three freshly-graduated Kuwaiti architects: Dalal Alhashash, Fatma Alobaid, and Khawla Alhussaini. 

The project explores the concept of having a parallel, as opposed to sequential, process of design and manufacturing, through the development of design products and customized spatial solutions. The designers take the local know how and resources as an essential part of their design approach. They build quality networks from multiple workshops in Kuwait industrial areas to produce contextual design solutions.

In addition to partnering with local craftsmen, the partners also explore the use of available modern fabrication technologies in creating their designs.

The project is developed in a 3-phases annual cycle; Experiment 1, Experiment 2, and Experiment 3, as well as a free-floating Experiment 4. Each phase follows the same design methodology while experimenting with various different functional, spatial and social aspects.