AlOthman Pop Up x Experiments Lab

Dates:        15 May 2017, 6pm-9pm

                   16-17 May 2017, 10am-9pm

Location:  AlOthman Kuwait:
                  Maryam Complex, Basement
                  Salem Al-Mubarak Street
                  Salmiya, Kuwait


2017: The Marble Collection.

The historic use of marble in architecture, art and design can be traced back many thousands of years and in many societies and cultures.

The marble theme set for 2017 seeks to capitalize on the remainders of marble used in building construction to produce small-scale objects. It seeks to produce long-lasting, environmentally friendly and sustainable design objects from a material known for its tactile and strong characteristics, and imbued with both emotion and cultural relevance.

In this collection, marble with its valuable and versatile qualities was elegantly applied in handbag design, in combination with other natural materials such as copper, leather and wood.

Along with the partnering with local craftsmen, the experiment utilizes advanced technologies to create and apply shapes using marble. The marble used in this collection comes from various origins such as India, Italy, Greece, and Iran.

The collection consists of 5 original handbag designs created under this unified theme.